Jean-Paul Rouve

  1. Guillaume Canet, Ensemble c’est tout (Hunting and Gathering), France, 2007. For his penultimate film, writer-producer-director Claude Berri lost his original couple – Rouve and Charlotte Gainsbourg. They became Canet and Audrey Tatou.
  2. Pierre-Francois Martin-Laval, Cinéman, France-Belgium, 2007.  Auteur Yann Moix naturally considered three stars of his 2003 debut feature, Podium, 2003, for his second. Luckily, they all missed what took him 18 months to edit into… a huge flop!  Indeed, as of 2020, Moix has yet to make a third feature.
  3. Kad Merad, Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, France, 2008. The TV comic followed Daniel Auteuil, Jean Dujardin and José Garcia in refusing the comedy that finally beat the 20-year-old La Grande Vadrouille as the #1 French film of all time – scoring some 20 million tickets – in a matter of months! Will Smith bought the re-make rights.
  4. Kad Merad, RTT, France, 2009. Adventures in handcuffs for Rouve and Sophie Marceau.That was the plan in 2004.Five years on, the scenario was dug up for the so-called hot Merad and Mélanie Laurent.


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