Jean-Pierre Bacri

  1. André Dussolier, Trois hommes et un couffin, France, 1985,  Of the three guys in the smash-hit movie, only Michel Boujenah was chosen without question (he won the best supporting César actor; the film  was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar… while Chicago critic Roger Ebert railed about “the stupidity on the screen.”) Bacri, Christophe(r) Lambert and Lambert Wilson  fled from Jacques, the baby’s father, and auteur Coline Serreau booked Jean-Claude Brialy. Producer Jean-François Lepetit disagreed as Brialy was famously gay and no one would believe he’d fathered a child. Brialy quit for Chartlotte Gainsbourg’s L‘effrontée. André Dussolier was chosen over Christopher Malavoy.  I avoided the Paris Press screening – who needed another horror movie – after mistaking couffin (cradle) for coffin.
  2. Jean-Hugues Anglade, Les menteurs, France, 1995.  Lelouchian realisataeur Eli Chouraqui tries All About Eve.  And fails.
  3. Daniel Auteuil, Apres vous…, France, 2003.  Not for the first time, Auteuil swopped films – and Bacri took over Les sentiments.
  4. José Garcia, Aprés vous, France, 2003. Originally, Pierre Salvadori wanted two fellow autuers, Bacri and Alain Chabat. When they couldn’t make it, Salvadori played safe with Daniel Auteuil and Garcia.

 Birth year: 1951Death year: 2021Other name: Casting Calls:  4