Jean-Pierre Leaud

  1. Patrick Auffray, Les quatre cent coups (US: The 400 Blows), France, 1958.   For his memorable first feature, critic-turned-auteur FrançoisTruffaut tested many kids. He thought Léaud was too old at 14 for a 12-year-old and penciled him for the schoolboy hero’s copain, René. Re-viewing  again Léaud’s screen test, he didn’t so old, after all. And so Léaud became the cherished “Antoine Doinel, Antoine Doinel, Antoine  Doinel…” And history was made. (Plus five other Doinel tales). Other kids losing  the role played Doinel’s classmates and much of Léaud test’s (a simple chat with Truffaut) was used in the shrink scene, with Truffaut’s questions revoiced, off-screen, by  the  female psychiatrist. 
  2. Richard Leduc, Le lys dans la vallée, France, TV, 1970.     When bilious realisateur Jean-Luc Godard planned to film the Balzac novel in1966, his dream team for the unconsumated affair between Felix de Vandenesseand Henriette de Mortsauf was Léaud and Marina Vlady.
  3. Jean-Louis Trintignant, Défense de savoir, France-Italy, 1973.     To  follow her first triumph, Ca n’a arrive qu’aux autres  (based on the cot-death of their daughter, Pauline in )  Nadine Trintignant  called on her hsuband, 42, (who made her first two flops)  to substitue Leaud, 28, playing the annoying yes-no game regarding the lawyer  defending a hooker on a murder charge.  Nadine and her future new husband, auteur Alain Corneau tweaked the script, adding years and vices to the lawyer. “I love characters with vices,” said JLT. 
  4. Benno Fürmann, Belle epoque, TV, 1995.    Always keen to help his discovery escape the shadows of their Quatre cents coups creation Antoine Doinel, François Truffaut meant him to be the anarchist in the 00-14 script he was working onwhen he diedin 1984 – later made as a French TV mini by UK director Gavin Millar.
  5. Bruno Sermonne, L’examen de minuit, France, 1998    .Breakthrough of Julie Depardieu. The Daughter. 

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