Jean Rochefort


  1. Georges Descrières, Arsène Lupin, France-Belgium-Canada-Italy-Netherlands-Switzerland-West Germany, TV, 1971-1974.      France had just a soklitary channel (ORTYF), so le télé was no magnet  for the new Young Turks of stage or screen. But the gentleman thief made a Euro-superstar out of the Comédie-Française actor. Hence,  despite his panoply of stage roles, headlines of his 2013 obituaries simply cited Lupin.
  2. Jacques Dulfilho, Y a-t-il un Français dans la salle? France, 1981.       The caustic realisateur Jean-Pierre Mocky was making mock again (what else?) and all of his choices backed away from sending up the French parliamentary system: Rochefort, Yves Montand and Philipe Noiret.
  3. F Murray Abraham, Der Name der Rose/The Name of the Rose, France-Italy-West Germany, 1986.    Réalisateur Jean-Jacques Annaud – and French money helping the budget! – considered the veteran for Bernardo Gui. Indeed, the casting was once tres français with Michel Galabru, Yes Montand Philippe Noiret and Mathilda May also up for roles.
  4. Daniel Auteuil, La fille sur le pont, France, 1988.      Réalisateur Patrice Leconte was shocked when Jean-Pierre Marielle, 56, suddenly, tearfully pulled out of his drama – saying he had no wish to be poor 16-year-old Vanessa Paradis’ latest ancient stud. Rochefort, star of Leconte’s debut – and four other films – felt much the same at 58. Auteuil was 38.
  5. Claude Rich, La fille de d’Artagnan, France, 1994.   After two films together, director Bertrand Tavernier fancied a third encounter. Rochefort, for reasons of his own, did not and passed on the Duke of Crassac.
  6. Jonathan Pryce,The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, 2017.



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