Jenny Slate

  1. Liza Lapira,  Super Fun Night, TV, 2013-  .  Change of Helen-Alice, one of Rain Wilson’s two girlfriends, part and parcel of a funcomfortable 13-year tradition of  having a ball every weekend. 
  2. Jamie Chung, Big Hero 6, 2014.   “We didn’t set out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned.“  Rapper Awkwafiba, Gina Rodriguez, Jenny Slate and Emma Stone were up for Go Go Tamago in Disney’s first Marvel subject, winning   the best animation Oscar. It unfurls in 2023 (we all know that computer battery number, right?) in San Fransokyo (‘Frisco rebuilt by the Japanese after an earthquake) and deals with a bunch of super-troupe behind the titular collective name… that no one actually uses. 
  3. Jessica Chastain, It Chapter Two, 2018.    Awkwafina, Karen Gillan, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anna Kendrick, Gena Rodriguez, Amanda Seyfried, Jenny Slate were up for the adult version of the abused Bev Marsh… inthe 262nd of Stephen King’s staggering 313 screen credits … and his second biggest hit! The first?  It, 2016, of course. (King Kameo: Pawnbroker).

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