Jerry O’Connell

  1. Scott Wolf, Party of Five, TV, 1994-2000.  On vacation in LA from studying screenwriting at the NYU film school, O’Connell decided to auditon for two  pilots: Party of Five and Sliders.  Like why the not, could be fun and he’d see some  brand new scripts.   To his surprise he won Party’s lead. Then  he  got  an urgent call from  the Sliders suits. The choice for their lead  had quit,  so  could Jerry help them out and shoot the pilot at least… starting, er, tomorrow, dude! Bingo. OK, he lost 143 soap chapters as Bailey Salinger for 69 as Quinn Mallory in  the  science fiction show, 1995-2000,  but it led to such  movies as Mission To Mars, Tomcats and…  Kangeroo Jack.   As for his scriptwriting dreams, hew penned a Sliders epsiode (and directed five), plus the story of the Katie Hoimes movie,  First Daughter, 2003.
  2. Daniel Gillies, Spider-Man 2,  2003.
  3. Brandon Routh, Superman Returns, 2005 

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