Jesse Metcalfe

  1. Tom Welling, The Fog, 2004.     Before TV’s young Superman  became the fishing-boat skipper hero, the producers (one, Debra Hill, dying before the film did) also saw: David Boreanaz, Michael Cassidy, Henry Cavill (the new, 2011 Supie), Peter Facinelli, Matthew Fox, Adam Garcia. Welling and  Metcalfe worked on  the same series, Smallville.  
  2. Henry Cavill, Blood Creek, 2007.      Metcalf and Chris Klein had also been in Joel Schumacher’s sights for his return to low-budget horror. Then, the ex- Batman director chose… the future Superman! 
  3. Robert  Pattinson,  Twilight, 2007.    “I think Stephenie Meyer [the author] wanted me initially when she saw me in The Count of Monte Cristo [2001], but by the time the movie went into pre-production I was too old.” 

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