Jessica Walter

  1. Kathryn Hays, Counterpoint, 1967.      If you missed one Charlton  Heston vehicle in the  60s, another came up right behind it. And so Jessica went on to win Number One, 1969, from Jean Simmons.
  2. Diana Muldaur, Star Trek #60: Is There in Truth No Beauty? TV, 1967. (Stardate 5630.7).   Change of the Medusan ambassador Kollos and psychologist Miranda Joneswhen Walter was delayed on a previous commitment.
  3. Joan Collins, Dynasty, TV,  1981-1989.       And it was Joanie, herself, who revealed – to CNN’s Larry King – that Jessica was one of the major thoughts for bitchy Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan Etc.

  4. Brad Dourif, Child’s Play, 1988.     Jessica was the sole woman auditioning for the voice of writer Dan Mancini’s killer-doll – well, she had been Clint Easatwoods  stalker in  Play Misty For Me..!Her male rivals, but up for voicing both  of Chucky and the serial killer inhabiting  him, were  Andrew Divoff, John Lithgow and  Gary Oldman.  “No-one else would fit the part,” said Mancini about Dourif –  from director Tom Holland’s previous release, Fatal Beauty


 Birth year: 1941Death year: 2021Other name: Casting Calls:  4