Joan Hackett

  1. Christine Kaufman, Tarus Bulba, 1962.  She might have finished as Mrs Tony Curtis.  Christine did.
  2. Stefanie Powers, The Interns, 1962. “I turned down a barrage of 18 of the worst films ever made.”
  3. Stefanie Powers, The New Interns, 1964.  “Did a play instead I thought was wonderful, Peterpat – lasted four days on Broadway!  Then, The Group – a cursed film.  We should never have done it.  But it was the turning point of my life.”
  4. Anne Francis, The Satan Bug, 1964. After two weeks of shooting in Palm, Springs, director John Sturges called his producer Walter Mirisch to  expressed dissatisfaction with his leading lady (no better than Sturges’ choice of leading man, George Maharis).  “He asked me to… explain we were going to replace her. I arranged to meet her for lunch  and it  was a painful experience   for both of us.”  Hey, that’s what producers are for…
  5. Jacqueline Bisset, Bullitt, 1968.   One of Sidney Lumet’s seven  ’65 discoveries for his take on novelist Mary McCarthy’s The Group (of  Vassar graduates),  Joan Hackett was the most unlikely star as she dove, chameleon-like, in Westerns, thrillers and comedies among her 59 screen roles.  This is the one that got away, although it was always going to be Steve McQueen’s movie and not that of his squeeze.
  6. Susan Clark, The Skin Game, 1971.  “I’d already done a movie with James Garner” – Support Your Local Sheriff, 1969.


 Birth year: 1934Death year: 1983Other name: Casting Calls:  6