Joanna Pacula

  1. Kim Greist, Brazil, 1985.   Women are Terry Gilliam’s weakest casting points…Ellen Barkin was his favourite for Jill –  “Great sex appeal and toughness.”  He met nine  other  possibles:  Pacula, Rosanna Arquette, Rae Dawn Chong, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rebecca De Mornay, Kelly McGillis, Madonna, Michelle  Pfeiffer, Kathleen Turner.    Finallly, (blindly?), he fell for an unknown riddled with so many problems, he kept having to shorten her role – even gave her a bandage to wear for extra personality!  It was only her second film and she was so much trouble during a love-scene with Jonathan Pryce that Gilliam strode off the set. “Kim, do the scene yourself. Let me know when you’ve  got it done.  I’m off.”
  2. Valentina  Vargas, Die Tigerin/The Tigress, Germany, 1992.    Not only Joanna, but helmer Robert Van Ackeren was junked from his own film about a Berlin hooker of the Roaring ’20s – played by the sexy Chilean from The Name of the Rose, 1986.


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