Joe Alwyn

  1. Sam Reid,  Waiting for The Babarians, Italy-US, 2018.   The Londoner passed his role of The Lieutenant to  Australia’s Reid in Columbian director Ciro Guerra’s English language debut. With Steven Spielberg’s new favourite actor, Mark Rylance, plus  Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Greta Scachhi. 
  2. Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Emily, 2021. The first chosen duo of Emily Beacham-Joe Alwyn swirled into Emma Mackay-Jackson-Cohen, when a actress-turned-director Frances O’Connor decided to answer the question about how did Emily, the wildest Bronte sister, write Wuthering Heights? This is one answer. not necessarily true.  But a delight to watch, especially when Emma was on-screen.  Alas, no one could match her. answer, not

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