Joey Lauren Adams

  1. Linda Fiorentino, Dogma, 1999.     As New Jersey’s askew auteur Kevin Smith explained many times: not casting his ex-lover as the descendent of Mary and Joseph was a major error. There were days when Linda wouldn’t even talk to him. He’d also seen Shannen Doherty, Janeane Garofalo (cast as Liz) and singer Alanis Morissette… who finally played… God. Said Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers: Thou shalt not stop laughing.
  2. Jennifer Lopez, Jersey Girl, 2003.     The great Alyssa from Chasing Amy was going to be Gertrude Steiney (oh, ho ho!) opposite Ben Affleck. But Kevin Smith didn’t want people assuming that his 11th film was a sequel to his fifth. Enter: Lopez…, who fell for Ben, starting the whole “Bennifer” tabloid circus whiuch killed their Gigli, 2003. Therefore, Miramax swiftly cut all Lopez images from Girl’s commercials and trailers and trimmed her role.
  3. Ashley Judd, Come Early Morning, 2005.    After taking five years to raise the budget  Adams realised  she couldn’t direct and star in her helming debut – and immediately called Judd. 


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