Joey Starr

  1. Joël Ferraty,  Hors-la-loi (Outlaws!), France, 1984.    Inspired by  Coppola’s Outsiders, realisteur Robin Davis, wanted unknowns. He told his casting director Dominque Besnehard: Find me a new James Dean and Natalie Wood.  Fifteen of them!  With four assistants for the first time, he put ads in papers and film magazines and combed through colleges, schools, gyms, night clubs, streets and suburbs. They found 300 kids, but too young for such a violent movie ruled the Youth Commission – although making an exception for Cornillac, 15 (the only one to make a meaningful career) and Pascal Librazzi, 14 1/2. But not Didier Morville, future rapper, film actor (as Joey Starr) and lover of  Besnehard’s Betty Blue find, Béatrice Dalle.
  2.  Patrick Aurignac, A la folie, France, 1994.     As Béatrice Dalle was starring, her new guy hoped for a role. His test was great. Just not for this film. (He went on to be twice nominated for César awards). Neither Beatrice or Patrick got on with co-star Anne Parillaud. And just to make life difficult for Dominque Besnehard, he was the agent of all three of them! 

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