John agar

  1. Bob Graham, The I Don’t Care Girl, 1952.    In August, Agar (who becamed a star, well a name, upon marrying Shirley Temple) was testing for Larry in  “The Wild and Wonderful Musical About the BAD Girl of Show Business!” Mitzi Gaynor as vaudeville star Eva Tanguay… Just after her sprevious biopic about Civil War-era chanteuse Lola Crabtree, aka Golden Girl, 1950.
  2. John Derek, An Annapolis Story, 1954.       WWII is over, but Korea is hotting up up as Allied Artists issued what one web reviewer called “a “patriotic soap” about two brothrrs competing for everything – Diana Lynn, included – at the at US Naval Academy. Four years earlier, Derek and Lynn intertwined as those Rogues of Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood and Maid “Marianne”.  Their Sherwood was one of the  joys  of my youth. 

 Birth year: 1921Death year: 2002Other name: Casting Calls:  2