John Alderton

  1. Malcolm McDowell, Royal Flash, 1974.      Or Flashman  when director Dick Lester tried to film the first of the George MacDonald Fraser books in 1970 – with Alderton, young star of Upstairs, Downstairs, 1972-1973. A few days before “Action!” the whole shebang was dumped and it took four years to mount it anew… with the exact same result! Lester had better luck with the script of the second book, a Prisoner of Zenda parody. Fraser, who worked with Lester on his Three/Four Musketeers, hated it and banned all other screen versions in his lifetime. Since his death in 2008, no one has planned any of the dozen. Proof positive that no one loves such a cowardly bully as Captain Harry Flashman 

  2. Nicholas Ball, Lifeforce, 1984.

  3. Peter Firth, Lifeforce, 1984.

  4. Don Henderson, Doctor Who #146: Delta and The Bannermen, TV, 1987.     Queen Delta escapes the baddies and heads to… Disneyland. (No, really). Director Chris Clough chose Henderson for Gavrok from producer John Nathan-Taylor’s familiar dartboard list: Ball, Kenneth Colley, Michael Elphick, Michael Gothard, Bernard Hill, Jeremy Kemp, Ronald Lacey, TP McKenna, Clifford Rose, Peter Vaughan, Simon Ward, David Warner.

  5. Edward Peel, Doctor Who #147: Dragonfire, TV, 1987.     A dozen actors (11 Whoverse regulars) were listed for the callous Kane in Doc7 Sylvester McCoy’s visit to Iceland. Peel, Nicholas Ball, Tom Chadbon, Michael Gothard, Ian Holm, TP McKenna, Clifford Rose, Simon Ward, David Warner. Plus the unavailable Alderton, David Jason and Ronald Lacey. The Doc of the day was Doc7 Sylvester McCoy.


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