John Dall

  1. Peter Lawford, Little Women, 1949. When producer David Selznick cancelled his project, Mervyn LeRoy took it to MGM and changed his entire cast – excepting Elizabeth Patterson as Hannah.
  2. RichardTodd, The Hasty Heart, 1949.  Beaten  to Lachie by  the new UK actor (in his fifth film, as well), Dall won the dying  Scottish soldier in the first  TVersion, on November 2, 1953. 
  3. Thomas E Breen, The River/Le fleuve, France-India-USA, 1951. Dall, Brando, James Mason and Michael Redgrave were among the musings of realisateur Jean Renoir and his one-off producer Kenneth McEldowney   – a successful LA florist wed to an MGM publicist. When he  moaned about one of her studio’s films, she dared him to do better. He  sold their home and flower shops, and worked from 1947-51 on producing this film of Rumer Godden’s novel. Like his character of flyer Captain  John, Breen had lost a leg. (UK actor Esmond Knight, also cast,  had lost an eye).

 Birth year: 1918Death year: 1971Other name: Casting Calls:  3