John Kerr

  1. James Dean, Rebel Without A Cause, 1955.    John had beaten Jimmy to Broadway’s production of Tea and  Sympathy two years earlier – plus, The Cobweb movie, 1955.. Following Dean’s death, Kerr inherited Jimmy’s lead in the TVersion of  The Corn In Green.
  2. Dennis Hopper, Giant, 1955.
  3. Anthony Perkins, Friendly Persuasion, 1956.    Making “mistakes on roles” is among the reasons Kerr quit Hollywood and became a trial lawyer in the 70s.  He turned down this ex-Capra project for a three-picture MGM deal.  “In hindsight, I’d rather have been in a movie with Gary Cooper, directed by William Wyler, then to have been in Gaby and The Vintage at MGM.”
  4. James Stewart, The Spirit of St. Louis, 1957.     Following James Dean’s  tragic death, Kerr was next choice to fly the Atlantic single-handed.  He refused as he did not approve of Charles Lindberg’s pro-Hitler stand during WWII. Director Billy Wilder went with the genuine Hollywood flier, although Jimmy Stewart was 20 years too old  – The Old Man and the Sky!  Warners blamed Stewart for the film losing lost $6m.  (Way back in the Stewart family tree is a John Kerr Stewart).


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