John Russell

  1. Tyrone Power, The Razor’s Edge, 1946.     Director George Cukor’s choice – before he was sacked. Fox studio czar Darryl F Zanuck then designed W Somerset Maugham’s classic as Power’s comeback after war service.
  2. Harry Andrews, The Red Beret (US: Paratrooper), 1952.  According to the  March 8, 1951 edition of The Los Angeles Times, Russell (a Guadalcanal hero) and Alan Ladd would be the sole Americans  in  the WWII movie. First-time producer Cubby Broccoli knew the wrath of Brits over Objective Burma, 1944, where Errol Flynn appeared to win  the campaign by himself. So one Yank was enough and, anyway,  Ladd played a Canadian.   Of course!    (Russell’s 70 characters included Stockburn, Lengthy, Bloody Bill Anderson, Cash Brady, Aaron Pleasant, Cagle Mondier, Dan Troup, Russ Tropp and the wondrous-sounding Nero Soltarius). 

 Birth year: 1921Death year: 1991Other name: Casting Calls:  2