John Simm

  1. Jason O’Mara, Life On Mars (US), TV, 2008-2009.    In a surprise move, the ABC network asked the original stars of the BBC’s likewise original cop-in-a-timewarp thriller to repeat their roles. They both refused. Simm said, more or less, “But I’ve done it!” And Robert Glenister had little wish to uproot his family… or end up in rehab.
  2. Matt Smith, Doctor Who, TV, 2010.    No thank you, the 2004 Caligula said about an offer to be Doc11. He’d co-starred with another nearly-Who, David Morrissey, in State of Play, TV, 2003. Simm was voted Best Guest Actor by Doctor Who Magazine readers as the eighth incarnation of the Doc’s enemy, The Master – from 2007-10 opposite Doc10,  David Tennant.

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