John Sutton


  1. Tom Brown,Sandy Is A Lady, 1930.     Sandy was a baby, a year old when she started being Universal’s answer to Shirley Temple, two in this comedy and rertired at five after eight moviews! Cast included two other popular kids, Billy Lenhart and Kenneth Brown as Butch and Buddy. Sutton was substituted by Tom Brown. As if anyone cared. They were adults. Almost. 
  2. William Eythe, Wing and a Prayer, 1943. Or Torpedo Squadron 8whern Eythe succeeded Sutton as Ensign Oscar Scott.  Hardnosed director Henry Hathaway short 50,000 ft of film aboard the USS Yorktown II flat-top (aircraft carrier) and also used real WWII combat footage. Yet the finished film was a wholly fictional account of the 1942 Battle of Midway…  when all but one of the Squadron 8 “flyboys” were killed.
  3. Clifton Webb, Laura, 1944.       People say Webb was a shoo-in  as the waspish  (what else?) Waldo Lydecker. He had no rivals for his first film since 1924.   Oh yes, he did! Sutton, Laird Cregar, George Sanders and Monty Woolley for starters…  
  4. Zachary Scott, Born To Be Bad, 1950.    RKO tried to make Anne Parrish’s novel twice before.With Henry Fonda, Joan Fontaine and Sutton in 1946 and again with Barbara Bel Geddes two years later (as Bed of Roses) when the RKO boss Howard Hughes was not sufficiently aroused by Bel Geddes. “Too plain.” 


 Birth year: 1908Death year: 1963Other name: Casting Calls:  4