Jonathan Jackson

  1. Michael Patrick Carter, Milk Money, 1994.   Jackson tested for the role of Frank Wheelerand escaped, luckily. For some reason,  Richard Benjamin directed after Joe Dante quit after…  but there was no way of saving the er family comedy, The Austin Chronicle’s Marjorie Baumgarten put the boot in. “Foul in concept, Milk Money curdles upon viewing.”
  2. Luke Mably, The Prince and Me, 2003.   The Canadian lost (he really tried?) the girl-chasing Danish prince falling for Julia Stiles’ pre-med college student in Wisconsin. Call her Barbie, call him Ken. As   the film opened, the heir to the real Danish throne, Kronprins Fredrik wed Australian commoner, Mary Donaldson – Kronprinsesse Mary. Barbie and Ken II.

  3. Oliver James, Raise Your Voice, 2004.    Everything changed – every thing!  The director (James Hayman into Sean McNamara), the performing arts school kids(Jackson and Evan Rachel Wood and James andHilary Duff), Mom Annie Potts into Rita Wilson, New York into LA and… right, it was first titled Christian Music Project.


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