Jonathan Taylor Thomas

  1. Jason Biggs, American Pie, 1998.  Adam Hertz sent his Portnoy Meets :Porky’s  screenplay  out with the longest title: Untitled Teenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under $10 Million Which Studio Readers Will Likely Hate But I Think You Will Love  It. And everyone did. Well, not JTT…  He threw into the trashand berated his agent for sending him a porno!  Whern he  understood his error, it  was too late. The bird had flown. And Biggs was  being fjlmed from  different angles for six hours as he humped his  Mom’s apple pie  apple pie, tihinking his career was over before it started. He would play 59 other roles, including co-starring with his director in Woody Allen’s Anything Else, 2022.  As of  2015, Thomas had 37 credits., including playing Tom Sawyer, voicing Pinocchio and The Lion King’s Young Simba and various Scarecrow Jr videos. Spike Lee was no Pie fan. ”I mean, stick your dick in a pie, and you think that’s a movie?”


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