Jordana Brewster

  1. Penelope Cruz, All The Pretty Horses, 1999.    The Panama belle was pretty miffed when she didn’t win her audition for Alejanda Villarreal.  Then again, she became Vin Diesel’s sister, Mia Toretto,  in six of the nine chapters Fast and Furious, which won her The Texas Chainsaw Massacre re-make and new TVersions of Dallas and Lethal Weapon.
  2. Sara Foster, D.E.B.S, 2004.  The acronym covers the schoolgirls’ defencee force, it says here…  Brewster wanted the latent lesbian called Amy. No, said  auteur Angela Robinson, you’re  better for Lucy,  the seductive villain – “the deadliest criminal the world has ever know” –  that Amy falls for. And Chicago critic Roger Ebert said: ”At some point during the pitch meetings…  someone must certainly have used the words Charlie’s Lesbians.   Co-star  Devon Aoki was Suki in 2 Fast 2 Furious, 2002. 
  3. Paz Vega, Not Forgotten, 2008. She must have read the script again – and wisely quit the lame kidnapped-child thriller. 
  4. Zoey Deutch, Why Him? 2016.  Here’s the pitch.  We re-tool Meet the Parents… only this time, we have Ben Stiller playing De Niro’s father of the intended  bride.  Fun, no?   No!   Also seen for Stiller’s daughter were Jordana Brewster, Bryce Dallas Howard and French star (and director) Mélanie Laurent, which would have surely led to a change of Papa  or Maman, non?

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