Josh Duhamel


  1. Grayson McCouch, As The World Turns, TV, 2003-2009.     The actor-model  refused all hefty offers to become  Dusty Donovan in ATWT. (McCouch became then new Dusty in 2003 until the 1956 soap died in 2010). Duhamael said he  would only ever  reurn  to daytime TV in All My Children, where he started his career  as Leo du Pres during 1999-2002.  He did, indeed, return  for two of the 41-year-old soap’s final episodes in 2011. By which time, the North Dakota actor – of English, French-Canadian, German, Irish, and Norwegian stock – was a movie star in the Transformers franchise and wed to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas band. 
  2. Eric Dane, Feast, 2005.    Up for Hero, Duhamel had to bow out owing the demands of his Las Vegas TV series, 2003-2008.
  3. Taylor Kitsch, John Carter, 2010.   A decade after the Toms (Cruise and Hanks) had been considered, new boys Duhamel and Jon Hamm were up for Disney’s version of Princess of Mars – first ofTarzan’s daddy, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ eleven books about a Civil War veteran rediscovering his humanity when dealing with warring races on planet Barsoom… Burroughs’s name for Mars in 1911.  Aka Disneyspeak for flopperisimo!
  4. Eric Dane, Feast, 2004.     When Mark Wahlberg passed on Hero (he didn’t last long enough to be one), Duhamel was keen but his diary (or agent?) prevented him  joining the blood-soaked horror flick… which somehow spawned two equally bad alien sequels.
  5. Taylor Kitsch, John Carter, 2011.    Duhamel and Jon Hamm preceded the luckless Kitsch in the Disney mix for Tarzan author Edgar Rice  Burroughs’ other 1911  creation –  although the first book was called  A Princess of Mars. Twenty years later, Looney Tunes director Bob Clampett planned a toon Princess, which would have been the first animated feature, beating Disney’s Snow White by six years!  Ray Harryhausen plannd a stop-motion version in the 50s, Tom Cruise was due for John McTiernan’s 80s’ take. This version, made 100 years after publication, proved a $260m flop at Disney, which never understood sf.  Which is why it bought Marvel and Lucasfilm and…


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