Josh Pence

  1. Armie Hammer, The Social Network, 2010.      Director David Fincher looked at all the real twins he could find for Mark Zuckerberg’s nemeses, the Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tylrer. Then gave the roles to Hammer and Pence – two inches shorter at 6ft 3 ins. He re-studied their tests and called them into his office a week later. “OK, here’s what we have to do: These twins have to be identical. So Armie, we’re going to double you. Josh, we’re going to put dots on your face.” “You could cut the tension with a spoon,” reported Hammer. Pence gave in and allowed Hammer’s face to be digitally imposed on his performance as Tyler. The actors stayed friends; Pence has won 33 screen roles in eleven years. If positions hjad been reversed in the Facebook saga, , said Hammer, “I would hate me.”

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