Joyce Reynolds

  1. Peggy Ann Garner, Junior Miss, 1944.         Mary Pickford, no less, paid $350,000 in 1942 for the rights to the play based on Sally Benson’s New Yorker tales – for Shirley Temple. Pickford pulled out when, allegedly, the two playrights wanted too high a cuti of the action. Warner Bros rushed in – signing Reynolds. But Fox chose Garner as its teenage cupid.
  2. Joan Leslie, Janie Gets Married, 1946.    Surprisingly, head brother Jack Warner cancelled plans for a series when his titular Reyolds wed and retired (for a bit). Having spent $100,000 on the play’s righta, he had second thoughts and continued Janie – to the altar and beyond – via Joan Leslie. But there stopped the life and times of the sweet, if pampered and manipulative, girl from Hortonville.
  3. Marilyn Monroe, All About Eve, 1950.

 Birth year: 1924Death year: 2019Other name: Casting Calls:  2