Judy Greer

  1. Kelly Coffield Park, The Specials, 1999.      Judy was up for one of two girls in the sixth (or seventh?) topsuperhero team:Power Chick or, the oneshe won, Deadly Girl.
  2. Anna Paquin, The Good Dinosaur, 2009.     The one that got away. The role. And the film. Only Frances McDormand of the original voice cast survived a ton of necessary changes in the toon that began in 2009, was continually respun, only titled in 2014, and finally released with Paquin taking over Ramsey, daughter of Sm Ellitt’s Tyrannosaurus rancher. By then it was much better, of course. Just not up to Pixar’s usual skyscraper-high standards.
  3. Natasha Lyonne, All About Evil, 2009.    Great title. Shame about the movie… Greer was right to pass on what is, officially, a black comedy horror.   Only horror is correct.
  4. Olivia Wilde, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, 2012.    Jessica Biel, Riki Lindhome, Michelle Monaghan, Winona Ryder and Sarah Silverman were also seen for the rose between two thorny magicians in their  old-fashioned Vegas act. 



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