Judy Pace

1. – Diahann Carroll, Julia, TV, 1968-71. After her triumph in Three in the Attic, The Black Baby Doll lost her first TV series, but soon won another: smashing the colour bar as US TV’s premier black female antagonist, manipulating, lying, cheating, back-stabbing her way through Peyton Place, 1968-69.

2. – Rosalind Cash, Omega One, 1971. “Judy Pace looks very good in Cotton   Comes To   Harlem,” Charlton Heston confided to his diary, October 20, 1970.   “I’d like to use her. Now it develops she may be stuck in a sinking TV series,   and thus unavailable. Damn.”   Next day, he read with Cash – “leading us in a different direction. She’s not as flip and swingy as Pace, but she’s a very good actress and perhaps a more textured person.”


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