Julia Duffy

  1. Shelley Long, Cheers, TV, 1982-1987.     NBC tried matching scores of potential twosomes for Sam and Diane. The final six were Duffy and Fred Dryer, Lisa Eichhorn and William Devane – no match for the chemistry of Long and Ted Danson. Duffy then won 163 episodes of Newhart on CBS. She called her co-star, comedian Bob Newhart, her acting mentor. Long quit the hit show early. For two reasons, take your pic… 1. She was “difficult” on-set and fired. 2. She’d had enough after 124 episodes and decided to move on. Her replacement, Kirstie Alley as Rebecca, survived longer, 149 episodes…  
  2. Mary Page Keller, Baby Talk, TV, 1991-1992.     Series version of the Look Who’s Talking movies had two changes of unwed mother of the baby voiced by Tony Danza. Duffy succeeded Connie Selleca, who had fled before shooting began, and was then succeeded, herself, by Keller for the second and last season.

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