Julie Benz

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar, All My Children, TV, 1993-95. The ice skater (once #12 in the US) turned actress was beaten to soap role of Kendall Hart Lang – gone after 24 episodes, 1993-1995.
  2. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, TV, 1997-2003.  Lost  out again to SMG – who became a tele-superstar because of this series. Three other girls lost Sunnyvale’s saviour: Selma Blair, Katie Holmes and Natasha Lyonne (soon wearing Orange is the New Black).Five more won other roles: Elizabeth Anne Allen (Amy), Julie Benz (Darla), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia), Julia Lee (Anne) and 16-year-old Mercedes McNab  (Harmony) as SMG ruled for all 145 episodes as Buffy… original name of Yoda in Star Wars!
  3. Julienne Davis, Eyes Wide Shut, 1999.    Auditioned – twice – but decided a topless scene was not for her, even if the mighty Kubrick was directing.
  4. Renée Zellweger, Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2000 . Far too sexy – and American – for a plump 30-something London office worker. Even if she dared to put on 20 pounds like Zellweger.
  5. Poppy Montgomery, Glory Days, TV, 2002.  First choice for Ellie Sparks in the (never broadcast) pilot. The Australian Poppy shot 13 episodes and nine only made The WB screen..
  6. Natalia Livingston, West of Brooklyn, 2008.   First choice – again – for Matty Jensen. Replaced – again. No sweaty. She had arrived on TV as Mrs Dexter, 2006-09. Desperate Housewives and No Ordinary Family, 2010.
  7. Linda Gray, Dallas, TV, 2011.   Efforts were made since 2002 to reboot the iconic series (and tele-films) for the cinema. Result? This pilot for a 2012 series…. about JR and Bobby’s rival sons. Directors, stars and genres changed: Robert Luketic, Gurinder Chadha quit, Betty Thomas was to shoot a Southfork comedy; Drew Barrymore, Minka Kelly, Catherine Zeta-Jones were named for Pam, James Brolin as Jock and Jane Fonda, Diane Ladd, Shirley MacLaine as Miss Ellie. Benz was offered JR’s alcoholic wife, Sue Ellen, opposite John Travolta as JR Ewing. Finally, the original Sue-Ellen joined the old-timers returning to their 1978-1992 roles.


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