Julie Newmar


    1. Lee Meriwether, Batman, 1966.    TV’s Catwoman missed the big screen fun because no one warned her it was happening.  She was tied up with another project and not even Batman could free her.
    2. Eartha Kitt, Batman, TV, 1966-1968.    Newmar was no longer the purr-fact Catwoman in  the third season, after 13 episodes in the (much better) opening  two seasons.  She was off in Arizona and Utah, making McKenna’s Gold and pleasing cast and crew a by doing her “nude” river dip totally naked, after scorning a loincloth. 
    3. Sharon Tate, Don’t Make Waves, 1966.   Producer, Martin Ransohoff fell for Sharon on her Bevely Hillbillies TV stint, “introduced” her in Eye of the Devil, and again in this beach comedy – where she  replaced Newmar He next ordered Roman Polanski to ues  her instead of Jill St John in Dance Of The Vampires.  Polanski was not happy until he met…  and wed her.  On the beach, Tony Curtis was after Claudia Cardinale.  “But a lot of attention went to the second female lead, a surfer girl named Malibu, who accidentally knocks me out with her surfboard.  Sharon Tate.’
    4. Rosalba Neri, Dieci bianchi uccisi da un piccolo indiano (US: Blood River), Italy-Spain, 1974.  Julie did not join Fabio Testio and John Ireland as first promulgated.  The guys probably wished they’d split, too. As weak as an empty ravioli, it was made by Giandfranco Baldanello, not the best spaghetti Westerner. He didn’t use his usual credit:  Frank G Carrol. So even he knew it was bad.  


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