Justin Kirk

  1. Dan Futterman, The Birdcage, 1995. “I auditioned for the role of the son and – I’ve heard that Mike could do this – he absolutely made me feel in the room as though I had gotten the part.” Getting his first Mike Nichols gig was easier – no dialogue, no movements.  “They needed a picture of Michelle Pfeiffer’s dead brother to use in Wolf.. Ann Roth [Nichols’ costumer designer] recommended me for it, so we shot this picture and it’s in the movie.”  Nicholds: Chapter Three was best – two roles in Angels in America (Prior Walter and Leaterman in Park).  Many of the cast had double roles or more. Meryl Streep had four, a male rabbi, included.” Why? ”Because I want to see Meryl play all of these different part,”  said Nichols, her greatest fan. By 2020, Kirk the new Hamilton Burger in the new  Perry Mason series,

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