Kaley Cuoco

  1. Natasha Melnick,  Freaks And Geeks, TV, 1999-2000.     In Judd Apatow’s mix for Cindy Sanders in the fictional  Chippewa, Michigan. In  his future movies, producer Judd Apatow used  many  people from the series, his way of  “refusing to accept that the show was cancelled.”
  2. Kate Hudson,  Glass Onion: A Kniives Oujt  Mystery, 2021. Kaley, the new voice of  Harley Quinn (TV, 219- )  auditioned for Birdie Jay – among the suspects in Daniel Craig’s second Rian Johnson whodunnit as Blanc. Benoit Blanc. Kate took over what  seemed to be a version of The White Lotus star, Jennifer Coolidge.

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