Karen Viard

  1. Isabelle Adjani, Bon Voyage, France, 2003.      Auteur Jean-Paul Rappeneau’s initial selection for one of many trying to flee the Nazi occupation of Paris did not please his backers. “Who’s she? Nobody knows her!” And everyone knew Adjani, a Rappeneau favourite fromTout feu, tout flamme, 1981.
  2. Marina Foïs, L’Immortel (22 Bullets), France, 2009.   Karin was otherwise engagwd, so prodsucer  Luc Besson signed her   veritable double play the French cop involved in a true tale of 70s’ gang warfare in Marseilles (where else?). “Slickly pompous fare for fans of gangland torture and revenge-motivated murders,“ said American-in-Paris critic Lisa Nesselson, “overlaid with a selective patina of twisted family values and codes of honour.”

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