Kate Mailer

  1. Molly Ringwald, King Lear, 1987.    Due as Cordelia opposite her father’s Lear when the bilious realisateur Jean-Luc Goard started shooting the eventual Cannon mess (what else?) in Switzerland during August 1986.  Within a few days (almost hours), it was all off.  Mailer hated Godard’s dialogue and wanted to write his own – when appearing as himself. He went back home to direct his own Cannon mess, Tough Guys Don’t Dance – without even a compensatory role for poor Kate.  Father and daughter did appear in Godard’s unholy mess  (Godard detested it) – as themelves. Kate only ever made one other film, a TV mini-series and a short.  When Ringwald saw  the film with “it was just as confusing as it had been when I filmed it… the fact that in 2012 Richard Brody put it first on his list of the “Greatest Films of All Time still bewilders me.”



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