Katharine Houghton

  1. Janet Margolin, Enter Laughing,1966. “You’re a good little actress,” director Carl Reiner told her, “but not a good Jew.”  Of course not., she was prime Connecticut stock – Katharine Hepburn’s niece, no less
  2.  Leigh Taylor-Young, Peyton Place,  TV, 1966-1967.Kathy gave up the soap role  (part of making up for Mia Farrow’s abrupt departure as Mrs Frank Sinatra) to be engaged to Sidney Poitier in Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner that year with  Aunty and Spencer Tracy.  The way Hepburn treated her (“Spencer thinks you’re the most ungrateful person in the world… [after] I’ve done all of this for you!”), that Houghton couldn’t wait to quit Hollywood as soon as filming wrapped. Even though, Tracy had explained: “Your aunt  is just a big fuss.”  She returned the following year for mere 17 screen roles between 1966-2010  and a major amount of  theatre. 

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