Kay Walsh

1. –  Polly Ward, It’s In The Air  (US: George Takes The Air), 1938.  After two films together, the UK  comedy star George Formby dropped the future Mrs David Lean as his co-star to avoid a Fred ‘n’ Ginger syndrome.  Or to avoid anyone raining on his parade. Kay, who worked on the scripts for Lean[‘s Great Expectations and Oliver Twist, immediately retired until…

2. – Rosamund John, The First of the Few  (USA: Spitfire), 1942.  Noel Coward saw her test  and wanted  her for  In Which We Serve. “Please don’t,” said his co-director David Lean. “It’s my wife. I’ll  never get anything to eat.” He never protested when Coward said she was perfect – “she’s got a nice, mousey quality.”


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