Keith Moon

  1. David Jason, The Odd Job,  1977.    The back comedy started life asix years earlier as a sketch for Ronnie Barker’s Six Dates With Barker, TV, 1971.  Graham Chapman, of the Monty Pythons, decided to turn it itno a film. He would be Arthur, suicidal after his wife leaves him but too scared to try – and Moon as the odd jopb man Arthur, hired to kill him – and he’s still trying when the wife rerurns. The suits wouidn’t touch Moon, who had been prescribed the dangerous Heminevrin drug to help hjs alcohol withdrawal pain. (Chapman was also on Heminevrin).
  2. Graham Chapman, Yellowbeard, 1983.   The rock star had asked his Python pal to write him a comedy adventure. Inspired by Moon’s Robert Newton-ish eyes, Chapman came up with a pirate spoof.  “Keith then went and died,” said Chapman, “which was very inconsiderate of him.”  Peter Boyle’s bo’sun was named Moon in his memory. And Chapman was gone by 1989.


 Birth year: 1946Death year: 1978Other name: Casting Calls:  2