Ketti Gallian

  1. Karen Morley, Thunder in the Night, 1934.      Morley inherited Gallian’s problem. She’s part of Budapest high society. She’s a newly wed.   Her dead first husband turns up alive. And he is eager to exploit her situation… Gallian and her co-star Warner Baxter were simply transferred to the much tamer Under the Pampas Moon, 

  2. Patricia Tiernan, Scandal At Scourie, 1952.      Weird title considering working titles were My Mother and Mr McChesney and Vicki. Gallian and Tiernan auditioned for Second Nun. Result: France 0, Santa Barbara 1. Tiernan was among the (few) longest survivors of The Conqueror cast – fighting her multiple cancers for 35 years!

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  2