Kevin Sorbo

  1. Dean Cain, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, TV, 1993-1997.  “I could’ve made a good Clark Kent.  I look better in glasses.” Sorbo, was in the Super-mix with Cain and Michael Landes.  “I was actually booked – and 24 hours later, they cancelled me, and put in Dean Cain.” Sorbo went on to headline two hit seriies: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. 1995-1999, and Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, 2000-20005… and co-starred with Cain in  the “Christian film,” God’s Not Dead, 2013., and finally joined the DCverse.
  2. David Duchovny, The X Files, TV, 1993-2000.  The globetrotting ex-model – and bouncer from Minnesota  – was nearly FBI legend Fox Mulder… “It happened for the right reason.” That being that Melanie Green, Duchovny’s manager.   finally talking him into  the pilot, although he didn’t wish to quit a tele-movie of   a woman director he  was friendly with. And as he told Rob Lowe’s podcast:  “This  is about  extraterrestrials. How long can it go? It’s a good pilot but you’re either going to see the aliens or [not].  And I wasn’t interested in conspiracy theories. [Pause].   You talk about actors being dumb…well, that was meI”
  3. Patrick Swayze, Black Dog, 1998. An aneurysm in his left shoulder made the telly-Hercules drop the role of the ex-con trucker whose coda was: “No passing, no tailgating, and no turning back.” Swayze was only just back in shape after breaking both legs. 


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