Kieran Culkin


  1. Justin Long,  Galaxy Quest, 1999.  Probably the finest Hollywood send-up of a TV show had the cast of a copy-Star Trek  being mistaken  for  real spacemen  by Thermian aliens wanting their help! Up for his first movie, the unknown Long said he  was extremely nervous competing against the likes of Kieran Culkin, Tom Everett Scott and Eddie  Kaye Thomas. Who?

  2. Rory Culkin, Lymelife, 2008.    Macaulay’s brother waited four years for the film to begin  – and was then, of course,  too old to be 15.  His younger bro, Rory, took over as Scott Bartlett and Kieran became his older frere,  Jimmy Bartlett. A role he was used to.

  3. Nicholas Braun, Succession, TV, 2018.  An offer went out to Culkin to portray Cousin Greg in the pilot of the dysfunctional family business empire.  No, said his manager. He asked Culkin  to make a tape of Roman’s scenes. Bingo!  Creator Jesse Armstrong took one look – “one minute!” –   and that was enough. “I had that feeling of gratitude and relief: You’ve written a part, you have a cadence or a sense of a person, but you’re not completely sure if that person exists in the world or if your rhythms will fit anyone. It’s just extraordinarily comforting to see somebody do it right. Or more than right – you’ve got a dancing partner, which means you could sort of dance all over the globe.” And so they did

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