Kim Poirier


  1. Rachel Wilson, Breaker High, TV, 1997-1998.    She was only 15 but she knew her own mind. The role was hers if she agreed to remove her tongue ring. She did not.
  2. Cassidy Freeman, Smallville, TV, 2008-2011.  Quebec’s Poirier was in the mix for  Tess Mercer/Lutessa Lena Luthor finally obtained by Chicagoan Freeman.  As IMDb revealed, Tess is an amalgamation of Valerie Perrine’s Miss Teschmacher in the 1977 Superman movie and Mercy Graves, voiced by Lisa Edelstein, in Superman: The Animated Series, 1996-2000.  Tess + Mercy = Teschmacher.  
  3. Linda Kash, Happy Town, 2009.    Not so much 11th hour  casting as 23rd…  Kim was chosen to Miranda Kirby and was suddenly replaced by Linda by the night before shooting started on…  Fargomeets Twin Peaks.  Just not enough so for ABC, which axed the show after six episodes, putting the final two on-line.

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