Kris Marshall

  1. Taron Egerton, Eddie The Eagle, 2015.     Apart from Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise playing him, the British ski clown and hero Eddie Edwards preferred the UK actor from TV’s My Family, 2000-2005.  “He’s a good comic actor,” said Eddie. Also seen over the years: Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman, Robin Williams and (closer to Eddie’s age)   Harry Potter star Rupert Grint. Then Kingsman was made – and so was Egerton.   “My fear was that it’d be someone who just did slapstick,” said Eddie. But that’s exactly how he arrived in Calgary for the 1988 Winter Olympics. “My bags exploded on the carousel at the airport, so I jumped on and chased after my pants and slippers.” His ski-ing was no better! He came last in both of his events, more ski-ing chump than champ and, therefore, a British hero!

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