Lara Dutta


  1. Malika Sherawat, San wa, Hong Kong, 2005. The Bollywood rumour was that the racy Mallika beat three other Indian ctresess because she agreed to full frontal nudity.  In a  Jackie Chan movie?!!
  2. Bipasha Basu, Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, India, 2005   When Dutta dropped out of the belly-dancers,  BB agreed took over –  but was annoyed that her cameo was overblown in publicity and posters. She shouldn’t have bothered. Said Lidia Ostepeev on Planet Bollywood. “The clichés fall so thick and fast that it´s quite possible to believe that the film is there to showcase a successful musical score and nothing more.” Well, there was also plot-pinching from Force of Nature, Notting Hill… even Titanic!


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