Laura Denon

  1. Audrey Meadows, That Touch of Mink, 1961.  Director Delbert Mann was looking at  TV actresses Kaye Ballard and Laura Devon to be  the best  friend and skeptical counselor of  the, as per usual, inviolate Doris Day –  currently being wooed from New York to Baltimore to Philadelphia to Bermuda by  millionaire Cary Grant.  But as on any Cary movie, he was always  in  charge (even on this one, first penned  as a third for the Doris-Rock Hudson combo). He was also a great fan of Audrey Meadows as Jackie Gleason’s wife in  TheHoneymooners  series, 1955-1956.  And thus she was Connie. Ballard befriended Doris later –  in The Doris Day  Show, 1970-1972. Cary didn’t  like the film… as per most of his movies, particularly the best ones!   Some of the humor is now considered homophobic. Well, this  is the star who is said to have invented The G Word  when explaining why he was wearing a negligee in Bringing Up Baby, 1937…   “Because I just went gay all of a sudden!”

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