Lee Bowman

  1. Tommy Dix, Best Foot Forward, 1942.        When MGM bought the rights from Columbia, it also wanted to loan the Broadway show’s dance director –  a certain Gene Kelly!  Columbia czar Harry Cohn refused. He had wanted to co-star Kelly and Rita Hayworth and now ordered  them into Cover Girl, instead. After checking out Bowman and Ray MacDonald, MGM took Dix from the stage hit. Gil Stratton, Broadway’s Bud, was rushed into Girl Crazy  with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney.
  2. Willard Parker, One Way To Love, 1944.    Odd title for a tale of two radio scriptwriters. One good, the other not so much – but needing to get back in harness for a $1,000-per-week contract.  Parker beat Cary Grant and Lee Bowman to the ace while the not so hot Chester Morris stole everything in sight. Including Dennis O’Keefe’s role.  
  3. Keenan Wynn, The Thrill of  Brazil, 1946. In bad health, Melvyn Douglas had to quit the Columbia musical. He was subbed  by Lee Bowman –  replaced in turn  by Keenan Wynn, borrowed from  MGM for the occasion… along with Ann Miller.  All about as muddlesome as the plot… Tito Guizer loves Miller who loves Wynn who loves his ex-wife, the top-billed Evelyn Keyes. Few loved the movie.  Nor the daffy song entitled: Man is Brother to a Mule.

 Birth year: 1914Death year: 1979Other name: Casting Calls:  3