Lily James

  1. Emma Stone, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), 2013.      Margot Robbie passed Michael Keaton’s daughter Sam on to James, Emilia Clarke,  Blake Lively or Stone. A movie that bitterly annoyed as many millions as it pleased… even more so after it inexplicably won the Best Picture Oscar on February 22, 2015.
  2. Gemma Arterton, Their Finest, 2016.    The Downton Abbey find was attached  to Catrin Cole but Arterton made the charming movie about making a 1940 UK propaganda film about Dunkirk to help entice the US into WWII. Despite encumbered by a Welsh accent (Catrin iwas  based on Diana Morgan and her work on Went The Day  Well?  1942), Arterton was superb – snared betwixt Sam Claflin and  Jack Huston, plus the always  flawless Bill Nighy as an “ac-tor” of 63 still thinking he was 36. Dedlcious direction by Danish Lone Scherfig.  With room for the Hitchcock comment: Films are like life with the boring bits cut out.

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