Linda Evans


  1. Quinn O’Hara, A Swingin’ Summer,  1964.  Linda was all set to be Cindy, when ABC called to say she’d won The Bjg Valley series, 1965-1969,  opposite the mighty  Barbara Stanwyck.  Thus  another break for the Scottish O’Hara – she was born in an Edinburgh hospital elevator! . She won 53 (mainly TV) roles in 49 years

  2. Janet Langard, The Swimmer, 1967.   Not only did Janice Rule replace  Barbara Loden, but Langard won Linda’s audition-piece. The titular Burt Lancaster called it a disaster – but his favourite roie.  Until working with Visconti, of course

  3. Victoria Principal, Dallas, 1978-1991.    First choicefor Pamela Barnes Ewing’s 251 episodes went on to become Dynasty divaKrystle Grant Jennings Carrington during 201 chapters, 1981-1989.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3