Linda Lovelace

  1. Annie Belle, Laure (aka Forever Emmanuelle), Italy-France, 1975.     Co-writtened by the real Emmanuelle (Arsan), the money was fine: $50,000 would clear debts of the world’s most  porno star, Miss Deep Throat.  And R-rated was better than X.  Her  director-lover David Winters sat in on all meetings. “All hard-core sex was out.  Nudity was out.  No doubt about it, no fuzzy areas.”  The script, a love story with Linda as an anthropologist(!) studying Maya Indians in the South Pacific, was the size of TV Guide. When she got to Rome, it had grown  into the Manhattan phone book… “It went from a beautiful thing to pure sleaze. It  had me going to bed with 12 people, including one transvestite. It had me masturbating with camera lenses. Being with fags… lesbians. Yeccccchhhhhh!” Protesting, she was given another role (who cares which, as long as they had her name, her fame!) of a pregnant woman “locked in a room with two homosexuals, saying  the most  idiotic things.” Then  again, Italian  producer Ovidio Assonitis said he fired her:  “She was on drugs, she was crazy, she was not a real actress.”  Either way, she caught the next plane home.  Actually, it proved a fairly insipid copy of Joe D’Amnato’s Emanuelle (one m) series.  But what, after all, did Linda expect…?   She was a rather  plain looking  porno star (the French Belle was a stander!)  – with a somewhat freakish ability – who could not act.  She was not  Elizabeth Taylor.      PS: I have  ab-so-lute-ly no idea who played  the pregnant woman offered her…!

 Usual occupation: Porn QueenBirth year: 1949Death year: 2002Other name: Casting Calls:  1