Lisa Guerrero

  1. Marg Helgenberger, Fire Down Below, 1996.
    As Hurricane Harvey hit Hollywood in October 2017 – after  40-plus women reported sexual harrassment or assault by  producer-turned-pariah Harvey Weinstein – memories were stirred, courage taken and names named. US TV’s Inside Edition correspondent Lisa Guerrero, 53, an acress in the 90s, told her programme and Hollywood Reporter, how she lost the female lead of Fireafter (a) insisting casting director Shari Rhodes accompany her to her auditon at Steven Seagal’s mansion where he wore a robe (like most Weinstein stories) and (b) for refusing a callback for “a private rehearsal” that night. No way.  So she lost the lead. She was given a one-day bit part, presumably to be around for Seagal to try again. He did. She didn’t. “It was understood that I would not have to be alone with him. I did the scene. I felt uncomfortable because he was with these other male cast and crew members giggling and leering at me. Then he asked me to his dressingroom. I was appalled so embarrassed. At this point I’m 31 years old, I’m not 18, but I felt like a child. I said no. And he gave me a dismissive look and walked away. My role was completely cut out of the film… because I declined his offers three times.” After 17 acting jobs between 1990 and 2013, incuding Sunset Beachand Seinfeld, Lisa turned broadcast journalist… only to find “there’s still creeps in sportscasting. But in acting, I think women are much more vulnerable…  Nearly every woman I know in Hollywood has been ‘Weinsteined’ at some point…  If not by him, then by someone else.”  Seagal’s legal team denied everything.
    [See also Rachel Grant and Jenny McCarthy].

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